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Historic Bloomington Aerial Photos

500x150 pixels, align rightDownload

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Dataset Basics

These aerial photos, provided by the City of Bloomington, are not georeferenced. To find aerial photos for a specific area, please review the index maps provided below. Each point represents the centerpoint of an aerial photo. Locate the index number for the centerpoint closest to your area of interest. Then use the Data Directory (link above) to locate the file. The first digits of the TIF image name represent the image unique identifier. The last four digits of the TIF image name are the source year. You may also use the ISDP Multi-file Download Tool to locate images spatially.

Minimal metadata is available for the images. Bloomington City Engineering scanned the original 9inch by 9inch photos at 400dpi using a small flatbed scanner and saved as TIF format using Paintshop Pro. 

File Format

Coordinate System:  none (no spatial reference)
File Type: TIF
File size: 20MB

Indiana Historical Aerial Photo Index

The Indiana Geological Survey (IGS) has created the "Indiana Historical Aerial Photo Index" (IHAPI) interactive map to facilitate the identification and retrieval of historical aerial photographs. More than 950 large-format photomosaic index maps in the IGS archive were scanned and georeferenced, and then mosaicked to produce 466 county-based images dating from the 1930s to the 1980s.