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2008 Hamilton County Orthophotography

500x150 pixels, align rightDownload

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Dataset Basics


Hamilton County acquired imagery during April, 2008, leaf-off, cloudless conditions at a resolution of 6-inch. The data cover the entire land area of Hamilton County, Indiana, or 434 square miles. The county's vendor, Woolpert, delivered tiles, consisting of 2500'x 2500' uncompressed 24-bit natural color TIFF files. Accuracy is +/- 3.33 feet. The entire perimeter of the county is buffered by at least 2,000 feet. Adjacent flight lines overlap by a minimum of 30 percent. Imagery was collected with the Leica ADS40 digital pushbroom sensor. The file naming convention is as follows: xxxyyyy where xxx and yyyy represent the easting and northing coordinates (respectively) in state plane feet, divided by 1000, of the tile origin (the bottom-left pixel). TIFF files are approximately 83 MB in size. Ownership of the data products resides with Hamilton County.

It is requested that Hamilton County be cited in any products generated from this data. The following 
source citation should be included:[2008 Hamilton CountyOrthophotography (}.

File Formats

Each image is archived in a .zip file which includes the image and all ancillary files provided to University Information Technology Services at Indiana University (UITS).

Cell Size (X,Y): 0.5, 0.5
Pixel Type: Unsigned integer; Pixel Depth: 8 Bit
Units: Feet
File formats:Untiled Tiff, 
Dataset size: 1,936 images; 157.44 GB total size tiff format

Township Mosaics
Coordinate System: State Plane Indiana East 1301, NAD83, feet
Units: Feet

DataSet Contact

Larry Stout, GIS Director, (317) 776-8254