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2002 Marion County Natural Color Orhtophotography

500x150 pixels, align rightDownload

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Dataset Basics


Marion County 2002 color ortho imagery was provided by the Indianapolis Mapping and Geographic Infrastructure System. This archive includes more than 165 GB of data. A shapefile index showing the spatial extent of the tif image tiles is available by downloading "" from the website directory link above.

File Format

Original-resolution images are available in TIFF format. Nine MrSID mosaic images by township are also available (400 to 600 MB/image).

Coordinate System:  IN State Plane East, Zone 1301 Horizontal Datum:  NAD83 
Pixel Resolution:  0.5 foot, International Survey Feet 
Scale:  1:9600 NCS (Negative Contact Scale) 
File Format:  TIFF (100 MB/file) 
File Format:  MrSID mosaic (400-600 MB/file)