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2003 Marion County LiDAR dataset

Marion Co. lidar imageDownload

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Dataset Basics


The Indianapolis Mapping and Geographic Infrastructure System has provided the Marion County 2003 LiDAR files. The archive includes 143 GB of point data in 316 text files and a 25-foot bare-earth DEM in shapefile format (divided into 49 N-S strips each about 25 MB)

The IMAGIS contractor did not adjust the point coordinates in *.FIR (first return) and *.LST (last return) files to ground control.  IMAGIS staff review of the full point cloud shows that the horizontal location is between 1-15 feet from true, and vertical is 1-2 feet below true ground. Relative to each other, the points are very accurate, and can be used for draping 3D photos, creating fly-through animations, studying tree cover, and sub-canopy ground cover. The unadjusted values are sufficient for most building height applications, shadow studies, and line of sight.

Files beginning with CITY* are data for the 45 degrees offset from the east-west flight lines.

File Format 

Coordinate System:  IN State Plane East, Zone 1301 Horizontal Datum:  NAD83 
Elevation units::  International Survey Feet

Example point data

X-Coordinate Y-Coordinate Elevation Intensity
201004.58584 1644912.18968 804.34 69
201003.73999 1644910.93205 802.16 87
201002.47580 1644909.13251 802.16 68
201000.80605 1644906.76789 802.64 21