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1999 Monroe County Aerial Photos

500x150 pixels, align rightDownload

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Data Set Basics

Monroe County acquired this panchromatic (black and white) aerial photography in November of 1999.  Comprehensive metadata is not available. This data set includes all areas of Monroe County not included in the 1998 City of Bloomington orthophotography. The metadata archive includes an index of image footprints in shapefile format.

File Format


Individual files cover a one quarter-mile area and are available as uncompressed TIFF images or compressed MrSID formats.

Coordinate System:  IN State Plane West, Zone 1302 
Units of Measure:  Feet 
Horizontal Datum:  NAD83 
Spheroid:  GRS80 
Pixel resolution:  0.5 foot 
Horizontal positional accuracy is +/- 2.5 feet 
File Type: TIFF (~30MB/file) 
File Type: MrSID (10:1 compression ratio)