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2011 Wayne County Orthophotography

500x150 pixels, align rightDownload

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Dataset Basics

Wayne County selected Pixxures as the acquisition vendor for their spring 2011 orthophotography project. This dataset covers all of Wayne County, including the City of Richmond. Pixxures acquired the 3-inch imagery March 19, 2011. They acquired the 6-inch imagery March 26 (southern part of county) and March 28, 2011. Pixxures used autocorrelation to create a new elevation model and exported the las files to a file geodatabase providing both edited and unedited multi-point feature classes.

Pixxures collected the imagery using Leica ADS direct digital sensors, which have a 62 millimeter focal length. Collection was performed using a twin-engine aircraft flying at an average flying height of 4,800 feet above mean terrain with 30% sidelap, giving the collected data nominal ground sampling distance of 6 inches and at 2,400 feet above mean terrain for a nominal ground sampling distance of 3 inches. Based upon the CCD Array configuration present in the ADS40 digital sensor, imagery for each flight line is 12,000 pixels in width. NIR, Red, Green, Blue, and Panchromatic image bands were collected for each resolution. Pixxures compiled the orthophotos to meet NMAS 1"=100' accuracy standards.

A new surface model was autocorrelated from the newly collected imagery utilizing all bands enabling multiple views of surface features. The surface model was edited to remove above ground points and to interpret new points in areas of heavy vegetation and buildings. The resulting DTM was then gridded to an even spacing for orthorectification.

The Wayne County GIS Website provides online interactive viewing of the imagery.

File Formats

Each image is archived in a .zip file which includes the image and any ancillary files.

Tiled Images

File Type: tiled (block size 256x256), uncompressed, geotiff
Spectral resolution: 3 band RGB; 3 band CIR
Pixel Type: Unsigned integer; Pixel Depth: 8 Bit
Units of Measure:  US Survey Feet
Coordinate System:  IN State Plane East, Zone 1301
Datum: NAD83 
Spheroid: GRS 1980
EPSG Code: 2965 
Cell Size (X,Y): 0.25,0.25 for 3 urban areas; 0.5, 0.5 for all other areas 
Ground Resolution: 3-inch for 3 urban areas; 6-inch for all other areas
Image dimensions: 4000 rows x 4000 columns for both 3-inch and 6-inch geotiffs 
Image Extent: 2000 by 2000 feet for 6-inch imagery; 1000 by 1000 feet for 3-inch imagery
Tiff world files (*.tfw) provided, all files available as a single zip download

County and Regional Mosaic Images

File Format: ECW compressed
Areas: County wide RGB and CIR mosaics; 5 urban areas in RGB and CIR mosaics
Coordinate System:  IN State Plane East, Zone 1301
Units: foot_US

Target Compression Ratios: Richmond 1:18; Wayne County 1:24; All Others: 1:1 


Countywide personal geodatabase with edited and unedited elevation point datasets
Countywide multipoint (LAS format) edited and unedited elevation point datasets 

DataSet Contact

Shaun Scholer, GIS Manager for the City of Richmond/Wayne County GIS Interlocal
301 E. Main Street
Richmond, IN 47374