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2002 Wayne County Contours Dataset

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Dataset Basics 

This data set contains lines and points used to describe the topography features of Wayne County, Indiana. These features include Contour 10 Foot Index and Text, Contour 2 Foot Intermediate, Spot Elevation and Text, and Water Elevation Point and Text. This data set covers all of Wayne County, including the City of Richmond. These data can be viewed interactively at the Wayne County GIS Website.

File Format


This archive includes original CAD (.dgn) files as well as ESRI shapefiles (.shp). The original CAD files each cover approximately 1 square mile and are named based on the township, range, and section system. The shapefiles are available in larger area compilations based on townships. There are two sets of CAD files included in this archive. The "dgn" folder contains files which represent topographic contour lines. The "dtm" folder contains the point data and breaklines used to generate the contours.

Coordinate System:  IN State Plane East, Zone 1301 
Units of Measure:  Feet 
Horizontal Datum:  NAD83 
Spheroid:  GRS80 
Source Scale: 1 inch = 400 feet 
File Type: ESRI Shapefile 
File Type: DGN