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2005 IndianaMap Color Infrared Orthophotography

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Dataset Basics

This data set contains Color-Infrared (CIR) Digital Ortho Quarter Quads (DOQQ) tiles for the State of Indiana, collected during March and April leaf-off conditions. These data are designed to be used with Geographic Information System (GIS) and digital mapping software. These data are public domain and provided with no restrictions on data distribution. Please provide credit for these data to the “IndianaMap Framework Data”.

In 2005 the Indiana Geographic Information Council (IGIC) coordinated the 2005 IndianaMap Orthophotography Project, which facilitated the acquisition of statewide, high-resolution orthophotography and digital elevation data for Indiana. IGIC is working in partnership with the State of Indiana to coordinate the Orthophotography Project and local government participation. 

Funding for this project has come from a number of stakeholders, including the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, the United States Geological Survey and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Major contributions came from the Indiana 2004 State and Local Homeland Security Grant administered through the Indiana Counter-Terrorism and Security Council (now the Indiana Department of Homeland Security).

These files can be used with GIS software to view the tiling system for the high-resolution 2005 ortho tiles.
Download Index Shapefile -State Plane East (722KB ZIP)
Download Index Shapefile -State Plane West (697KB ZIP)

File Formats

The current archive includes individual image tiles (GeoTIFF and MrSID format). Total dataset size 298 GB.

Coordinate System: UTM Zone 16N, meters 
Horizontal Datum: NAD83
Pixel Resolution: 1-meter

High-resolution Tiles (1-meter resolution) 
File Format: GeoTIFF uncompressed (%7e100 MB/file)
File Format: MrSID comrpessed 20:1 (%7e5 MB/file)

County Mosaics(1-meter resolution) 
File Format: MrSID (~300 to 600MB/file)