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2006 National Agriculture Imagery Program

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Dataset Basics

The National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) acquires imagery during the agricultural growing seasons in the continental U.S. The acquisition specifications for the Indiana 2006 NAIP imagery was a two meter ground sample distance (GSD) image that matches within 10 meters of reference ortho imagery.  The imagery acquisition began July 6, 2006 and ended August 16, 2006. The FSA contractor used Leica ADS40 sensors to capture the imagery digitally as compared to previous NAIP datasets acquired using film.

NAIP imagery products are available either as quarter quad tiles in TIFF format or as compressed county mosaics (CCM) in MrSID format. The Farm Service Agency (FSA) created the compressed county mosaic product to provide timely information for the FSA compliance program. The FSA now considers each 2006 county mosaic from the ISDP archive to be a final product. Each county mosaic includes the full extent of an Indiana county, but also includes some surrounding black (no data) areas.

FSA released the 2006 NAIP TIFF imagery during the summer of 2007.  The Indiana Department of Natural Resources funded the data transfer of the GeoTIFF images to the state agencies and provided a copy to University Information Technology Services at Indiana University.

File Formats

Each county image is archived in a .zip file which includes a MrSID image file (.sid), a MrSID world file (.sdw), an ESRI .aux file (for projection information), and a text file (.txt) file which describes the encoding process, coordinate information and other metadata information. 

County Mosaics
Coordinate System:  UTM, Zone 16 North, NAD83 
Pixel Resolution: 2-meter
Units: meters 
Target compression ratio: 15:1 
File format: MrSID MG3 (%7e 60 MB each)

Quarter Quadrangles
Coordinate System:  UTM, Zone 16 North, NAD83 
Pixel Resolution: 2-meter
Units: meters 
Compression ratio: uncompressed 
File format: GeoTiff (%7e 34 MB each)

Missing QuarterQuad Images

The FSA’s contractor did not provide 9 NAIP 2006 quarter quad images as listed below.  These areas in Lake, Marion and Martin Counties did not have digitized field boundaries and were not required for the project. These image areas appear as black rectangles in the MrSID Lake, Marion and Martin county mosaics. The FSA 2006 Indiana NAIP vendor, Photo Science, Inc. collected imagery for these areas, but did not process.  To purchase the missing images directly from Photo Science, contact:

Forrest E. Godby
Photo Science, Inc.
2670 Wilhite Drive
Lexington, KY 40503
Phone (859) 277-8700
FAX (859) 277-8901
CELL (859) 421-5258

The following tiff images are not available for download.

highland_nw_n2006.tif  (n_4108729_nw_16_2_20060727.tif)
indianapolis_east_nw_n2006.tif  (n_3908616_nw_16_2_20060727.tif) 
indianapolis_east_sw_n2006.tif  (n_3908616_sw_16_2_20060727.tif) 
indianapolis_west_ne_n2006.tif   (n_3908615_ne_16_2_20060727.tif)
indianapolis_west_se_n2006.tif   (n_3908615_se_16_2_20060727.tif) 
indian_spring_nw_n2006.tif   (n_3808610_nw_16_2_20060727.tif) 
indian_spring_sw_n2006.tif   (n_3808610_sw_16_2_20060727.tif)
whiting_se_n2006.tif  (n_4108721_se_16_2_20060727.tif) 
whiting_sw_n2006.tif  (n_4108721_sw_16_2_20060727.tif)