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ISDP Video Tutorials

Title Description Duration
How to Use the Indiana Spatial Data Portal Multi-File Download Tool*

You will learn what the Indiana Spatial Data Portal (ISDP) is and what it can do for you. Next you will find out why Indiana University staff developed the ISDP multi-file download tool and why you may want to install this application on your computer. Lastly, you will become familiar with 4 different methods for discovering data when using the multi-file download tool.

9:06 min
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Downloading, Unpacking & Viewing ISDP Data* You will learn how to download a zip archive from the Indiana Spatial Data Portal (ISDP) and become aware of several factors that may affect the transfer of this file. You will find out how to extract a downloaded zip file so you can view the image using your desktop software. Lastly, you will find out what you should do if you have difficulty extracting an ISDP zip file.
10:06 min
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How Do I Find Information about ISDP Datasets?*

You will learn about the geospatial metadata that is available from the Indiana Spatial Data Portal (ISDP). You will explore various methods for accessing metadata from the portal. You will learn how to open and view the metadata after you have downloaded it.

8:47 min
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These videos are in MP4 format.

* These videos funded by a grant from IndianaView.